Health and Safety in the Pub Environment

Health and safety is important in all sectors including the hospitality sector. We Brits love our pubs but like any business, they also need to follow a strict guideline on health and safety. This blog will outline just some of the key topics that pub landlords should follow.

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls, are one of the most common health and safety issues in any sector, including the pub industry. Liquid can easily be spilt, to avoid anyone from slipping from this, make sure that staff clean up any spillages immediately. When cleaning up floors make sure they are left dry, or with a wet floor, caution sign nearby. All staff should wear suitable footwear with a good grip to avoid a fall. All floors should be repaired if damaged. Cellar doors should also have an “Authorised Persons Only” sign placed.

Falls from heights

Falling from heights is a high risk in pubs with cellar doors, steps, and ladders. When opening cellar hatches, make sure the surrounding area is clear of anyone passing by. Once the delivery is over ensure the doors are closed and locked correctly to avoid any injuries.


The negative impact that alcohol can have on people is aggression. This affects not only customers but also staff members. Staff have a legal right to refuse to not sell any alcohol to anyone, who has become aggressively intoxicated. Ensure that all staff are trained to know what to do in these situations, make sure that all incidents are logged and kept on file for any future reference. It is also a good idea to keep a friendly good liaison with the local police for any advice to follow.


When any pub has a delivery, staff must be aware of the surrounding area that the lorry will be reversing to. All staff should wear high-visibility waistcoats to stand out. Contact the brewery with specific instructions on what to avoid, such as members of the public when reversing and make an agreement if warning signs need to placed around the area.

Manual Handling

Employees can suffer serious injuries such as back, neck and limb injuries when lifting heavy loads. Pub staff will have to lift heavy items such as barrels and crates. To make sure no injuries happen, train all staff and make sure there is correct equipment to help wheel and carry any heavy items.


Pub environments can be a noisy place, especially when live or recorded music is playing. When a live act such as a DJ or band are playing, speakers need to be located in a function room and focused towards a dance floor, and not near seating areas and bars. Working staff should also be allowed to take regular breaks in a designated quiet area when reduced to noise for a long period of time. Make sure to check volumes on equipment are at the right pitch. Staff may also need suitable ear plugs.