New Health and Safety Guide 2017 coming soon

I am pleased to announce our new Health and Safety Guide will soon be launched. Health and Safety applies to all businesses, no matter what size or sector you are in.

The importance of health and safety in the workplace cannot be underestimated as failing to comply with regulations that can result in an unlimited fine or even six months imprisonment621,000 injuries occurred at work and 144 workers were killed at work in Great Britain during 2015/16 further supporting the need for businesses across all sectors to take Health and Safety very seriously.

The twentieth edition of the Forum’s Health and Safety Guide will be available to members from April 2017. It is a vital resource for any small business owner helping you to manage your legal health and safety duties efficiently and cost-effectively, ultimately giving you peace of mind.

Key aspects of the new Health and Safety 2017 guide are that:

  • It brings together the basics of health and safety in one easy to understand guide
  • It provides you with the tools to ensure you are fulfilling your legal duties as a business owner
  • It is presented in an easy to follow checklist format to enable you to identify the areas where you need to take action
  • It comes with an expanded range of customisable templates for you to adapt and use in your own business

Helping you to manage Health and Saftey in your business

The UK has a health and safety record that is the envy of some countries across the world, but in order for this to continue, we need to protect people and staff and manage the risk factors that can arise. Managing workplace risks should not be complicated or expensive and it isn’t with the help of the Forum. We have solid support available which is easy to understand and implement.

Backed by our expert team of business advisors, the Health and Safety Guide forms part of the Forum’s wide range of business support and, together with the Employment Guide, gives you reassurance that you are managing your business according to the law.

Next steps

To reserve your copy and for more information simply contact our friendly helpline team between 8.30am and 5.00pm on 01565 626001 or send us an email.