Helping Responsible Businesses – Forum Member Earns Bronze Southend Business & Community Charter Award

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A growing business comes with a lot of extra responsibilities and, in 2016, Forum members, Lollipop, discovered The Responsible Business Workbook, which is available through the Forum.

On the front, it clearly states a mantra which they wanted to be able to live up to:

A responsible business operates efficiently and ethically; meets and exceeds legislation; and always considers its impact on people (the workforce, the community and society at large) and the environment.

This user-friendly Small Business Bible covers the requirements of The Responsible Business Standard which has been developed by The Organisation for Responsible Businesses and validated by Anglia Ruskin University.

Managing Director, Jo Shaer, told the Forum:

“It provided a checklist of all the social, environmental, legal and commercial areas that we needed to address to be a worthy partner to both our staff and our customers.

We work in digital marketing, an area that is notoriously unregulated, and we wanted something that would help to set us apart from some of the bad behaviours that can tarnish this industry.”

The Workbook is part of a scheme by The Southend Business & Community Charter to facilitate their vision of robust and efficient businesses in a thriving local community.  It is accompanied by a rolling Charter Award that celebrates those organisations which clearly demonstrate appropriate levels of engagement with their local community.

The scheme is administered by the Organisation of Responsible Business and supported by Southend Borough Council.

As a small company of just five people, at first, we didn’t believe that we would be able to achieve award-status. However, because every business is different and some have more capacity than others, the awards are based on what is Appropriate to the Size, Type and Impact – ASTI.

Lollipop is thrilled to announce that the team’s ongoing work with Apprenticeships and Work Experience for local young people has earned us a Bronze award.

We are the latest addition to an illustrious list of responsible local businesses and can’t wait to start working towards our Silver award.