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* Membership pricing is per annum and displayed is exclusive of VAT and will be added at checkout. Forum Start-up Membership of £80 per annum is limited to a start-up business in their initial first 3 years of trading. Standard Forum membership prices will become applicable at the end of the 3rd year or if you employ an employee, whichever comes first. Standard Forum membership is available for established businesses. Full T&C’s apply which can be found on our website. Forum Start-up membership is not applicable for discount pricing.

** Membership includes business guides


The Forum is committed to ensuring you and your business are well equipped to deal with the ever changing legislation, financial stresses and daily challenges which come with running a business, through our 24/7 business helpline


The Forum makes 'doing business' easier, keeping you up to date through the ever-evolving maze of legislation and red tape issues, allowing you to do what you do best – growing and developing your business


The Forum will protect your business 24/7 with legal expenses insurance included in your membership, so if things do go wrong you have the confidence knowing your business is covered for the cost of defending claims in key areas, such as employment disputes, health and safety issues and tax investigations. *T&C’s apply

The Forum of Private Business is a not-for-profit comprehensive business support organisation founded in 1977. Our membership is spread throughout the UK and primarily made up of companies that employ between 1-50 employees, helping them to manage employees, saving time, giving advice, support and protection where a business needs it.

We are a recognised leading authority on business issues and represent the interests of business owners on many consultative bodies. We have built a solid reputation, being influential in many areas of policy-making, in changing laws that affect small businesses, and we continue to campaign for the fair treatment of businesses within the UK.

Business landscapes have certainly changed over the years and so too have the needs of our members. In order to stay relevant as a member based business support organisation we have evolved our support and services to meet our members’ requirements.

We are dedicated to providing our members with solid business advice, support and protection helping business owners to focus on profitability, growth and long-term business success.

Our dedicated 24/7 business support service enables Forum members to call up any time of the day or night to talk through their issue with a friendly advisor. This support service gives our members peace of mind which is important when you are running a business. Business owners do not have the time to know everything which is why Forum members have a big advantage over other businesses.

Everything we do is about making sure our members’ businesses operate profitably. This means that every penny we make goes back in to supporting our members, providing the support and resources that will enable a businesses to flourish and grow.


We are the Forum of Private Business, celebrating 40 years in business 1977-2017