January 8th 2016 is #MicroBizMattersDay

January 8th 2016 is #MicroBizMattersDay 2nd birthday of actions to give at least 8 minutes, day or night, to make life better for micro enterprises owners everywhere. Micro enterprise owners are business owners with 0 – 9 employees.

 Where does it take place?

#MicroBizMattersDay aim is for supporters to give 8 minutes to micro business owners anywhere in the world.  So it doesn’t matter where you are and all you have to do is communicate, 8 minutes of actions – online or offline – on the ground, in the air or at sea. There are no rules but to believe in what you are doing will help someone across the globe.

8 Minutes

8 minutes is a long time but you can do anything in your 8 minutes to help one or more micro business owners.  Below are some of the ideas that have either taken place or are going to take place ….

  • #MicroBizMattersDay January 9th 2015 where everyone donated at least 9 minutes. You can easily adapt your 8 minutes from January 8th 2016 for January 9th!
  • A suggested action or donations is going to be taken by someone, somewhere on #MicroBizMattersDay 2016. They are in 3 Categories: #Customers; #Cashflow and #Chat – try to categorise so that business owners can relate to your 8 minutes of informational help.
  • Many businesses, self employed or micro business owners will have an online or offline party with customers, suppliers and staff …. Watch the live streaming action pack day, and to find out more about what is happening you can the diary of events here
  • Learn from other business owners, it’s a great way to betting involved in #MicroBizMattersDay

The yearly event is fast becoming very popular within social media with many tweets being shared every day via the hashtag #MicroBizMattersDay.  It shows the huge contribution business owners are making to the world’s economy, which includes job creation and productivity.  It is also about building a community amongst the small business owner to have ‘our’ voice and concerns heard.

Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden of #MicroBizMattersDay call this combined power of micro enterprise owners the #PowerOfPlenty.

Tony talks about how grateful he is to having so many global businesses joining him on the 8th January 2016 and that through all of the business involved it amounts of millions of micro business owners and customers.

This great day for business couldn’t happen without the support of business owners, both on and offline.  We would love for our members like you to also be part of the global impact and bring your business to be part of #MicroBizMattersDay.  To find out more information please visit the website and register your interest.

North Bay Beach in Scarborough 2012 saw the launch of Enterprise Rockers with the aim to make life just that little bit better for Micro business owners.  There was no funding, no bank loans or corporate sponsorship just the want and belief of two people, Tony and Tina who wanted to spread the word that more recognition was need for the smallest businesses in the world.  This had all been brought about by the time and money they too had invested into their own business which resulted in a lot of work to get the interest their businesses need to move them forward.

From that day Enterprise Rockers has gown and so have the number of micro businesses, which in the UK only there are just under 5 million micro businesses with an estimated 5,000 new business starting their own path each year to self employment.  Enterprise Rockers support these business owners to keep them going and to flourish as a business owner.

Join in and support #MicroBizMatters Day 8th January 2016