Make that sale: 5 tips for making the most of presentation tools

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If you have a sales presentation to make, technology can make you stand out from the crowd and improve your pitch. Read on to find out how. 1. Be original PowerPoint is not the only presentation tool around. Rather than seeing the same old background, clipart and graphics, why not use free, open source software such as Openoffice’s Impress instead? 2. Prepare, prepare, prepare Preparation is the key to all successful presentations. At the very least, this entails having written notes. Just do not forget that presentations often take place in very dark rooms. 3. Consider adding sound People tend to underestimate the impact of clear, audible sound in presentation. Don’t be one of them. 4. Content is key Presentation is about content, not technology, so do not get bogged down in flashy graphics and fonts. Less is more in this case. 5. Try something new There are dozens of online presentation sites that provide you with free resources for your presentation applications. Why not use these rather than your run-of-the-mill graphics? About the author This article was taken from the Business IT Guide, a resource developed in collaboration with industry experts to help small businesses find the right IT solutions. Source: Make that sale: 5 tips for making the most of presentation tools