March/April: News round-up from The Pensions Regulator

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The monthly roundup is below, which includes updates on the following:

    • New employers and automatic enrolment
    • Declaration of compliance report
    • Press release: Spot check on employers
    • Press release: Master trusts gain independent assurance
    • News-by-Email: Spotlight on AE

As discussed at our recent Employer Bodies: AE Forum and at 1:1 meetings, we will start to target new employers over the coming months in order to raise awareness about their AE duties, what they need to do, by when, and where to go for help and support.

New web pages for employers and for advisers will be published next week. Once these pages are live, I will send the April suite of AE messages, which will include targeted messages for you to share with your members as news items, as well as some suggested article content, together with supporting imagery and content for social media.

We are keen to ensure that small businesses employing a member of staff for the first time are aware in good time that they will have AE duties and that they have the information they need to meet their duties on time.  Please do get in touch if you would like me to develop any additional material for your members.

Declaration of compliance report July 2012 – end February 2017

February 2017 figures were published. Headline figures are:

  • 464,425 employers have automatically enrolled jobholders
  • 7,507,000 jobholders have enrolled into automatic enrolment pension schemes
  • 9,059 employers have automatically re-enrolled jobholders
  • 372,000 jobholders re-enrolled into automatic enrolment pension schemes

Press release 02/03/17 Spot check on employers: TPR steps up inspections in compliance drive

Spot checks are to be carried out on employers across the UK to make sure they are complying with their workplace pensions duties. The inspections are part of TPR’s ongoing enforcement activity to ensure employers are meeting their duties correctly. View the full release.

Press release 08/03/17 Master trusts gain independent assurance: good preparation for authorisation in 2018 

TPR announced that in the last six months eight more master trusts obtained master trust assurance and been added to its list of schemes with assurance. View the full release and to see the schemes that have been added to TPR’s list of schemes with assurance.

News-by-Email: Spotlight on AE

The February issues aimed at employers and business advisers were published on 09/03. Both issues include stories about when to tell staff about automatic enrolment, a video link to an employer (residential care home) giving his ‘Top AE Tips’, and information about re-enrolment, which you and your members may find of interest.

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