MOT certificates to be printed and trailer MOT discs to be discontinued

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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has confirmed to Freight Transport Association that from 14 July 2018 it is introducing printed test certificates (MOT) for HGVs and trailers.

The printed certificates will replace current handwritten test certificates and will look similar to car MOT certificates.

If an HGV fails its MOT, a printed refusal notice will be issued which will provide clearer details of failure items. Old style handwritten certificates issued before 14 July 2018 will remain in circulation and continue to be valid until their expiry date. If there is an IT failure, vehicle assessors will complete a contingency certificate by hand, or the certificates will be emailed to ATFs (Authorised Testing Facilities) and printed for the assessor to sign.

DVSA has also confirmed that it will stop issuing the trailer test disc from 14 July 2018; this follows legal advice that it can go ahead with the change. Information about MOT history for HGVs and trailers is available online here.

DVSA has confirmed that it has advised the police and its Northern Irish counterpart of these changes.


All of the above information has been received via the Freight Transport Association communication.

View sample test certificates

MOT Trailer Certificate

MOT HGV Test – Fail Certificate

MOT HGV Test – Pass Certificate