News Night Election Comments

Confirming what the Forum of Private Business has felt about the current government’s lack of understanding of business and small business, in particular, last nights, Newsnight had interviews about Theresa May from two of her old colleagues.

Following on from the TV programme News Night that was aired last night, below are the comments made from two of Theresa May’s old colleagues:

Nick Clegg, who was deputy Prime Minister said “I don’t think I can recall a single instance, either in private meetings with her, or in private conversations with her, or round the cabinet table where she ever said anything interesting about or of interest in our economy, which is an extraordinary thing”

Baroness Cavendish, the Director of the Number Ten policy unit from 2015-2016 said “I think she has a major weakness which is she’s not very interested in business and she doesn’t understand business terribly well I suspect and I think neither does her inner circle, I think this as we head into Brexit is going to be a major issue that she needs to get an awful lot more sophisticated about giving business confidence.”

Not only does this confirm our suspicions about this governments lack of understanding of business in general and small and micro business in particular, with many of our members expressing surprise that a Conservative government has made it more difficult to do business. It highlights the need for the Prime Minister to improve her own knowledge and understanding and to surround herself with people who do understand small and micro business and listen to them, which based the Newsnight Interviews is unlikely as other former colleagues suggested Mrs May “was not good at forging alliances and of not listening to a wide variety of voices”.

Perhaps May should also visit our “Get Britain Trading” site and visit some small businesses with the objective of understanding their concerns and issues rather than just achieving a good photo opportunity.