How to profit from being a genuine sought after expert

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Within you is an expert.  It may be struggling to get out, suppressed by the voice that says you’re not really worthy of that title when you compare yourself to others.  It may be that others look upon you as a genuine expert which is the biggest vote of confidence of all but you’re yet to take advantage of this.

There is so much noise coming at us from all manner of directions today, especially online. But as an expert, a genuine person of influence in your field, you can cut through the clutter, shed light, inspire others and provide much-needed direction.

You can become the go-to expert for common sense, honed from the many years you’ve spent working your craft and building your knowledge and expertise.

But where do you start if you are to profit from being an expert?

  • Take off your modesty blinkers and audit your expertise. This is not dissimilar to creating your CV except this time the exercise is for you only. The idea is to make you realise just how far you have come and for you to acknowledge the real value in what you have to share.
  • Push out of your comfort zone. “I can” “I will” “I am” should be your phrases of choice.
  • Identify the audiences that will benefit from your expert status. Where do they hang out? What do they read? Essentially, where can you find them? You want to be a proactive expert and this entails seeking out opportunities to engage with the people that need your expertise.
  • Prepare an expert plan. How can you disseminate your expertise? In blogs, on forums, in printed publications, on the radio, on social media, at networking groups, at exhibitions and public speaking? This will entail even more pushing out of your comfort zone and perhaps brushing up on your presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Prepare assets that will underpin your expert status. For example you will need a speaker biography, a short biography to append to articles and blogs, and a good quality photo. Plus you’ll need to practice pitching to journalists, editors and bloggers.
  • Write a book! Not just any old book but a brilliant book in which you share real nuggets of your expertise for the benefit of your readers. A credible non-fiction book can be as little as 40,000 words. It’s the best business card you could possibly have. But, if you’re going down this route put your readers at the heart of your universe by crafting a well-written, superbly edited, beautifully designed book. The world is full of self published books littered with spelling mistakes and poor design. Be different; you want your expertise to be in demand and your book to shine further light still on your expert status.

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