The Forum Welcomes the Information Commissioners Office

On Monday 21st May 2018, the Forum hosted a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seminar with guest speakers Richard Nevinson and Richard Sisson from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Members of the Forum were invited along to hear about GDPR, and the changes it will be bringing on Friday, May 25th along with having their own questions and concerns answered.

Forum member Peter Murray of Pulse of Perfumery found the seminar useful after being confused on what to do, where to go after being concerned on how to handle data.

The Forum explains members have been worried about the changes that GDPR brings, and after Forum staff have been working hard on creating templates and a GDPR guide, members have realised that it’s not as bad as they thought and it’s not something to worry about.

Janna Caley from Boxed Red Marketing found the seminar interesting as she didn’t understand the different GDPR rules with B2B and B2C and now feels that her company can now inform their client’s a lot more detail regarding GDPR now.

Richard Nevison points out that hearing the information from the ICO will help businesses build relationships with their customers and gain consumer trust and knowledge.

To see more, watch the video below and visit our GDPR blog