The Forum’s response to the Cyber attack that has hit the world

A cyber attack that has hit 150 countries across the world has also impacted UK businesses large and small, with one of the hardest hit being the NHS.

Experts are warning that there could be further ransomware cases this week after the worldwide global cyber attack that has affected hundreds of thousands of individuals and over 150 countries. The attacks are being carried out using ransomware – a malicious program that locks a computer’s files until a ransom is paid. Ransomware is not new but the scale of this attack is unprecedented.

Ian Cass, the Forum of Private Business’ Managing Director, has responded today to this with some useful advice for our members:

“You will all be aware of the cyber-attack on the NHS over the weekend and it is a sharp reminder that no matter the size or type of business we run members should be making sure they take some simple precautions, the Forum has been promoting cyber security for three years now and there are some simple steps you can take.

Protect yourself and your business

To try and avoid this in your business, make sure you are doing the following key things:

  1. Back up all your systems
  2. Ensure all devices are regularly updated with updates and patches applied.
  3. Get some simple security software on your devices, a lot of it is free.
  4. Regularly change your passwords.
  5. Run updates using firewalls and anti-virus software
  6. Be wary when reading emails

Additional guidance for companies and for home users and small businesses is also available.

Is my computer at risk from a cyber attack?

The culprit is malware called WannaCry virus that infects only machines running Windows operating systems. The virus has spread via a computer virus known as a worm which has the ability to move around the network by itself. If you do not update Windows and do not take care when opening and reading emails, then you could be at risk.

Cyber protection for our members

The Forum has been working with Cyber Ami and their cyber protection process is free for members for 1 month, so if you are a member and want to be more secure, register and you have two months to work through the process to ensure you and your business are better protected.

It is also worthwhile reading our  “Inforum” digital newsletter on “Cyber Protection” which is packed full of lots of tips and good advice about how to protect you and your business from the cyber risk, threats and attacks.

Please take the time to protect yourselves and your business and as always if you need to talk to someone about cyber risk please don’t hesitate to ring us here at the Forum on 01565 626001. We are here to help, advise and support your business.”


More useful sources of information and advice

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