Take a proportion of Fuel Duty, (1 or 2p a litre) and allocate it to road maintenance, ring fence it and ensure councils spend it on road maintenance only, set procedures for dealing with potholes as the current practices don’t seem to have longevity, holes reappear in the same spot within a week.

Pay fair compensation when damage is proven to the car, rather than the existing trail of legal letters, denials and rush to quickly patch the pothole.

Put some clear procedures in place for dealing with road repairs, make sure repairs minimise disruption, looking at the time of day and how many roads are closed, as well as setting penalties for not reaching deadlines the fines on which can be spent on further road improvements.

Reward freight companies who work outside of busy rush hour times, so not on the road between 7.00 am and 10.00 am and 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm, tachographs would monitor this.


Britain is almost unique in its degree of private rail ownership and fragmentation, but that doesn’t mean having a unified national operator is the norm across Europe, but certainly, the long distance networks are protected. We feel it is time the Government relooked at its approach to the rail network. From experience, it can be easier to catch a train from Amsterdam to Munich than it is from Crewe to the South Coast or East Anglia.

Is it feasible to open more local lines and run the existing ones more efficiently, integrating with tram systems where appropriate?

Reform the existing very complicated ticketing system ensuring that fair and cheap fares are clearly available to travellers, rather than splitting tickets and reliance on the consumers own local knowledge.

Look at last minute first class upgrades on trains where first-class carriages are being under-utilised, sell travellers a first-class club membership for a yearly fee and if a train has the spare capacity you can upgrade for a simple one-off fee, either taken on the train or through an app.

Ensure rail companies and Network Rail are working together to plan and implement efficient engineering works.