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Micro Biz Matters Day showed entrepreneurs giving advice to micro businesses however it has been the overwhelming financial support and community spirit that has helped micro businesses to reopen after December’s devastating floods.

Friday 8th January 2016 was Micro Biz Matters Day which involved micro businesses giving eight minutes to share advice or do something to help other micro businesses. The founders of Micro Biz Matters Day (Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden) delivered a live stream throughout the day which showed influential entrepreneurs sharing their advice, centred around the following topics:

  • customers
  • cash flow
  • confidence
  • growth

As we know in December 2015, storms Eva, Desmond and Frank caused devastating floods in parts of: Ireland, North Wales, Southern Scotland and the North of England, causing flood damage worth approximately £5bn. Many suffered from the floods which left homes and businesses without power; roads were closed; communication becoming difficult; bridges and personal possessions were damaged; and shops were flooded and unable to open resulting in a loss of customers, sales and income to local communities.

The floods have caused people emotional distress, with the looming self-assessment tax deadline that is upon us. As the self-assessment tax return deadline (to submit online) is 31st January 2016, businesses that have been affected by the floods have been worried that they won’t be able to meet the deadline on time. The Government has set up a helpline (0800 904 7900) to support people affected by the floods and give them guidance on issues relating to tax which they may be encountering which includes paying for their tax bill in installments and revoking penalties. To find out more information and to see how HMRC can help you if you have been affected by the floods .

Trade has reduced by 70% for some businesses in Cumbria however the hashtags: #cumbriaisopen and #openforbusiness are now being used on Twitter to promote the fact that businesses are reopening in areas that have been affected by the floods. The community spirit and financial support has been overwhelming. Due to the damaging effects of the floods,Calderdale Council has given business grants worth a total of £1.105m and it is likely that they will be giving a further £1.090m to businesses who have been affected by the floods.

For Cumbria and Lancashire, the Government has revealed that it has set up a £50m fund for people and businesses there who have been affected by the floods.

A crisis fund has also been set up called ‘Hit The Rocks’ in order to raise money for those that have been affected by crisis’ such as these floods or serious ill health. The fund aims to raise £8,000 by 29th January 2016 which will then be used to donate £500 grants.

If you would like to apply for one of these crisis grants, email help@hittherocks.org for an application form or for donations you can visit: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/HitTheRocks.

Date for your Diary:  next Micro Biz Matters Day is on 13th January 2017