What Forum members need to know about Brexit

Leaving the EU will impact on many areas of our economy. Importing, exporting and transport, regulations and standards, energy and climate, intellectual property, supplying services to the EU, funding, data use, procurement and employing EU citizens.

All our members should by now understand what Brexit means to them. If your business does any of the following, you need to make sure you’re prepared:

  1. If you import or export.
  2. If you transport personal data into the UK.
  3. If you provide services or operate in the EU.
  4. If you sell manufactured goods.
  5. If you employ EU citizens.
  6. If you hold intellectual property.
  7. If you receive European funding.

You need check your situation using the Get Ready For Brexit tool and follow the four easy steps. We would recommend that all Forum members take the time to do this exercise, whether they are customers, suppliers or employees.

Step 1
Search Get Ready For Brexit tool on the gov.uk website

Step 2
Answer seven simple questions about your business.

Step 3
You will then be sign-posted to the documents that could be relevant to your business, read them and take action where appropriate.

Step 4
Sign up for email alerts so that you stay updated.

The gov.uk website has all the information that you will need to enable you to be ready for and deal with
Brexit. It covers four key areas and is regularly updated.

  1. Main pages link to guidance for businesses, organisations and citizens.
  2. Step by step guides for businesses in key areas like, importing and exporting, data transfer, supplying services to the EU and employing EU citizens.
  3. The checker tool which identifies relevant information based on seven simple questions.
  4. Details of live events and the ability to sign up for regular email updates.