Who Pays For Your PPE?

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If you are an employer or an employee you should seriously consider reading the article! You may be breaking the law or being ripped off!

PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) is a category of safety items including steel toe cap boots, hard hats and hi-vis vests. These items are seen all over the workplace but do you know who is supposed to supply them?

Contrary to many employers beliefs it is, in fact, their responsibility to provide ALL safety equipment for their employees. This includes those items like safety boots and hard hats. The specific items will depend on the hazards of the environment.

Furthermore, as an employer, you are not allowed by LAW to charge for the purchase or use of this equipment. This is great news for employees who no longer have to pay for any safety items for work purposes.

You can find the UK laws explaining this here:


But what if I am an agency worker?

Well, as an agency or temporary worker you as fully class as an employee. This gives you the right to the same safety equipment as anyone else, and of course, you cannot be charged by your employer.

Your employer at this stage would not be the agency but the company you are directly working for.

If you are self-employed the laws are slightly different. Although you are working for yourself, if you have an indefinite contract with an employer you are classed as an employee still. Therefore you are entitled to the same as an ordinary employee. However, if you are self-employed on a temporary basis you will need to provide your own.

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