Why does my Small Business need PR?

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It’s often because PR is not a highly visible art, as opposed to advertising.Journolink

We’ve all read magazines or newspapers, but from a small business perspective many only see the adverts that surround the articles.
PR is a part of marketing too, and here are five reasons why it’s important to include it as part of your strategy.

Adverts are too sales-y

When we see adverts we know they are trying to sell us something.

It’s in your face, and unless you were looking for their product it often falls on deaf ears.

When a business is quoted in the media it gains an endorsement from that outlet, and is generally seen as an authority figure in that subject, acquiring some credibility in the process.

PR needs to be consistent

Many companies try PR, send some press releases and give up after a few months.

Like any form of marketing, including advertising, you need to be persistent and consistent. You also need to play around with your strategy from time-to-time if you notice things aren’t working.

By being consistent you will build awareness of your brand, and it will also make your business seem more established.

It will help you increase your Google ranking

Articles posted online that mention your business will help your Google ranking, especially if you are able to get a link to your website posted in the story too.

Lower cost compared to advertising

Advertising costs are usually based on the size of the audience- so if you want your advert seen by more people you need to pay more money.

On the flip side, PR can be a much more cost-effective way of promoting your business.

It might just be the cost of a media list specific to your industry, or of a platform that allows you to send your releases to certain journalists or even just the cost of receiving editorial requests that allow you to respond to journalists.

It helps with damage control

By having a strong PR strategy you will build up links, and eventually relationships, with journalists in your industry.

These relationships will often be priceless for you if there is ever any negative press about your business.

If you know the right person you’ll be able to submit a press release or comment as a reaction to protect your brand image.

For a more details resource download our free guide to PR for your business