Why Lunch Breaks are Important

Research has shown that only a third of UK workers take a proper lunch break. There are many reasons as to why employees are not taking a proper lunch break such as an overload of work, stress levels being an all-time high and also workplace cultures being a barrier.

With 2018 showing a record-breaking long British Summer, now is the best time to get some time out of the office at lunchtimes. Below are the reasons why you should take a lunch break.

1. Time Away From Your Workstation

Avoid sitting at your desk or workstation at break times. Take a break away and change the scenery, this will help you relax and will clear your head. You can’t rest in the same spot you work at as you won’t be able to resist working. Reading the news or listening to the radio is known to help take your mind off work and to de-stress us all.

2. Socialising With Colleagues

We spend more time in our work environments then we do at home. Spending time with colleagues on breaks gives you a break from talking about work situations and projects. It gives you time to get to know each other on a personal level, let off steam, problem solve tasks and unwind before tackling the rest of the working day.

3. Food

Eating three regular meals a day plays a crucial part in keeping your energy levels up not to mention your concentration levels. When we skip meals it reduces our productivity throughout the day as well as impacting on your metabolism.

4. Exercise

Taking a walk around your work site or around anywhere outside nearby will help your body get the fresh air it needs which is known to help you de-stress and relaxes the body. Some employees do the alternative to this and join in on doing some exercise at the local gym or even going for a run or finding somewhere else to do some exercises such as an empty room in the workplace. Exercise is also known to reduce stress, improve mood and increase confidence and self-esteem.

5. Planning your personal life

We all need time to plan out on personal life such as bills, events, seeing family and friends. Doing this over lunchtime gives you a positive thing to think about that is not work-related at all. Studies show calling a loved one over lunchbreaks is known to give positive input towards workloads.


With mental health being at an all-time high, it is important for employers to remember this and persuade employees to take regular breaks to ensure they are getting the time to de-stress when needed. If you would like to find out more on employment, contact our member engagement team who are happy to advise you on any queries.