Wish List for Budget 2018

Listen to Ian Cass Managing Director of the Forum of Private Business talk about the wish list for our members and Budget 2018


  1. We would like to see the Chancellor introduce support and help for those independent retail businesses who are currently suffering, business rates still being a big issue along with high rents set by landlords.  We would also like to see the government lead a wider discussion on the future of Britain’s high streets and include them in their industrial strategy.
  2. The Forum would like to see the chancellor taking more action to reward entrepreneurs and small business owners, as opposed to the range of costs to small business we have seen introduced in the last few years, to help them increase their performance and productivity, one of the main things we would like to see addressed is the whole area of late payment, the chancellor promised action in this budget in his March statement and we hope that we will see this in next Mondays budget.
  3. The Forum would like to see the chancellor taking steps to simplify our overcomplicated tax system and to see it applied consistently across all businesses.
  4. The Forum asks that the chancellor acting to ensure we have a skilled workforce available for business, be it skilled employees from other countries, (reassuring those who are already here and contributing to the economy) or by better education and training, at schools and colleges to fill the skill gaps.
  5. The Forum will champion the good things our member businesses do, for example providing good preventative health care for employees, a business can do a lot to help the government in this area but the chancellor needs to ensure tax breaks for this kind of activity are retained.
  6. The Forum wants to see the planning for a rebalancing of the UK economy away from London to be better distributed throughout the UK.