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We’ve been helping small businesses get their voices heard on the issues that matter to them for 39 years. Find out more about our latest campaigns and research work below or join the Forum to give your business a voice.

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We’re promoting good business practices and calling out those big businesses that treat small businesses unfairly.​

Hall of Shame

The Forum has been the watchdog for bad business practices in the supply chain for over a decade. If you’ve been wronged and want to get your voice heard, get in touch. We can name and shame big businesses on your behalf, making sure you stay anonymous.

Hall of shame

Business Ethics Pledge

We promote responsible business in the UK and work with government departments and businesses to encourage long term relationships that create jobs and boost local economies. We’re asking policy makers and big businesses to sign up to a business ethics pledge.

Business ethics pledge

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All of our campaigns and lobbying work is led by what member businesses tell us in our research and regular panels. If you think you’re on your own dealing with a problem, we provide a democratic voice for smaller businesses to make decision-makers sit up and listen to your point of view.

Getting Britain Trading

We want to create best possible conditions to run and grow a small business in the UK, so all of our policy work is focused on Getting Britain Trading. We do this through focused practical support for businesses in the following areas.

  • Reducing the cost of compliance

    Reducing the cost of compliance

    Our members tell us that complying with complex employment, health & safety and tax legislation is one of the biggest obstacles to success. That’s why we campaign for a simple system that doesn’t disproportionately affect smaller businesses.

    We were instrumental in delaying pensions auto-enrolment process for small businesses until 2015 at the earliest.
    We secured a more sympathetic introduction of Real Time Information, allowing small businesses more leeway in reporting PAYE.
  • Creating sustainable business growth

    Creating sustainable business growth

    Whilst signs of economic growth are positive, we believe that businesses need more support to achieve sustainable growth. We do this by helping affect change where there are barriers to growth, as well as providing practical support to help you grow.

    Rerouting public funding for apprenticeships through employers rather than providers was confirmed in the 2013 Autumn Statement following our lobbying based on member panel research.
    We’re advising government on the new Regulators’ Code, which will provide challenge opportunities for small businesses when they feel regulators have acted unfairly.
  • Improving access to finance

    Improving access to finance

    Access to finance is key to sustainable growth, so we work with the government, banks and innovative new finance providers to improve businesses chances of accessing finance, as well as leading on the issue of late payment to small businesses. Practical help is also available to members on accessing and managing finance.

    We worked hard to ensure the Payments Council introduced a one week account switching process, making it easier for businesses to switch banks with no costs to the business.
    Our lobbying has seen Government start to take the issue of late payment seriously, by signing up more FTSE 350 companies to the Prompt Payment Code.
  • Reducing the cost of doing business

    Reducing the cost of doing business

    Business costs are rising and 76% of businesses feel like they have not been able to put up their prices to match the increase. As well as helping our members to get the best deals, we also influence policy in areas such as fuel, energy and taxation.

    We successfully lobbied for the extension of Small Business Rate Relief and the cap on business rate increases, which was included in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.
    Chancellor also announced a freeze of fuel duty in the Autumn statement following our recommendation