As global risks grow, how can I protect my business?

Our partners at the Buying Support Agency (BSA) have written a blog about protecting your business in this current climate.

Sometimes it feels like the world has recently gone mad – Brexit, Trump, freak weather, global warming and now the Corona Virus coupled with talk of a global recession.

Though you will never be able to control such events, you may be able to adapt. But if these global shocks result in a fall in your sales revenue – even for a relatively short period of time – the consequences for your cash flow, profitability and ultimately the security of your staff employment could be dire.

The one obvious lever to pull is to cut costs. But how? Unless you have significant buying power, your suppliers are unlikely to agree to the kind of step-change price reductions to make up for the shortfall in your sales income.  And your staff may already be stretched as they try to mitigate the fall in sales, or searching for alternative supplier sources to keep your customers happy – certainly too busy to negotiate hard with every supplier at the same time.

So what to do? You can’t ignore the problem and hope that it will all go away – many of today’s global challenges are here to stay for years to come. The good news is that we at BSA have a solution: BSA Buying Group.

BSA Buying Group was developed to address the inbuilt inequality of buying power between SMEs and the largest multi-nationals. We can bring your business, however large or small, whichever sector, the buying power and skilled resource to leverage larger cost savings across 80% of all running costs. The results? Over the last 15 years, we’ve helped many hundreds of SMEs save on average 15-35% total cost.

So don’t put your head in the sand, give up, or worse still, assume that you’ve secured the best possible deal with your suppliers. Take advantage of our no-obligation independent value benchmark. What’s the worst that can happen? If we can’t show a value gain or cost-saving, at least you have peace of mind that you’ve benchmarked your supplier value.

We’ll help protect the business you’ve spent years building up.

The BSA also provide cleaning products through their sister business ‘Green Buying website. Our number one goal is to protect the planet through changing buying behaviour in the workplace and at home. But with the spread of Corona Virus, we also want to help protect our customers, so we now sell face masks as well as eco hand cleaning products.

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