Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some of the Forums frequently asked questions.  If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please contact our Membership Helpline on 01565 626001.


I have only just joined the Forum of Private Business, will someone go through my membership with me?
Yes, one of our membership advisors will contact you and they will go through your membership.
Will I receive a VAT Invoice for my membership?
Yes, you will receive a VAT invoice for your records.
Are all my member benefits available to me as soon as I join?
All membership benefits are available to you immediately and can be found within the Members area.  You will need you log in details to access this area of the website.
Do I need to activate the insurance policy or is this automatic when I join?
You do not need to do anything; our membership team will activate your membership within 24 hours, as long as the payment has cleared.
What is the membership advice line telephone number?
Our telephone number is 01565 626001 or you can email
Where will my call to the membership advice line go after 5.00pm?
Emergency helpline
How long is my membership for?
12 months renewed annually
Can anyone join?
Yes providing you have a business in the united kingdom except for Southern Ireland
Can I upgrade my membership?
Yes if you join the Forum at a standard membership level you can upgrade to the Enhanced Membership level at any time.
How can I pay for my membership subscription?
You can choose to pay online for your membership, by direct debit or credit card payment, or a reoccurring annual direct debit.  If you would like to discuss other options of payment speak with our membership helpline on 01565 626001
Where do I find all of the resources that are available with my membership?
You will need to log on your account at and enter the member’s area to find all the resources available to you.
My password is not being recognised, what do I do?
You can re set your password – however if you are still struggling contact the members team who will be able to request New log in details on your behalf.
Will you renew my membership automatically?
Yes – memberships are renewed annually automatically.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes you can cancel your membership however you must let us know 30 days before renewal.
Where can I find your terms and conditions of membership?
In your welcome email there will be a link and they can be found on the website.
Where can I find your Data Protection Policy?
You can view our Data Protection Policy online by clicking this link.
Where can I find your Cookie Policy?
You can view our Cookie Policy online by clicking this link.
Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
You can view our Privacy Policy online by clicking this link.
Do you have a list of all of the members of the Forum of Private Business so I can send them details of my business?
You won’t have access to any other member details as this is confidential.
Do you share my data with third parties?
We will from time to time as required for the membership, for more details, you can view our Privacy Policy online by clicking this link.
I have forgotten my membership number
Don’t worry call the membership advisors on 01565 626001 and we will go through some details and provide you with a new password.
I need to update my membership details, who do I need to contact
The membership team on 01565 626001.
How to I put a complaint to the Forum of Private Business
You can follow our procedure which can found here.  Our membership helpline can be contacted on 01565 626001.
I have been advised that I have been selected for a tax investigation what do I do?
Contact the helpline01565 626001


Who will deal with the tax investigation?
The helpline / rradar our solicitors depending what your query is


What tax and legal cover is with my membership?
See policy Wording