Hybrid working

 I recently attended an HR event and have followed up on their comments on “Hybrid working”. It seems to be something that many of our members are claiming to do, now that people are coming back to work.The issue with Hybrid working is that it doesn’t really have a legal definition and if employers don’t get it right, it could lead to problems going forward.Employees can formally apply for flexible working if they have worked for you for 26 weeks and you have 3 months to deal with any requests.There are options:Homeworking – the employee works 100% of their hours (more…)

A summary of the Spring Budget 2021

Your Personal finances The personal allowance and income tax thresholds for basic and higher-rate taxpayers will rise in April and then be frozen until 2026 – increasing their tax as earnings rise. Income tax rates and thresholds are set in a different way in Scotland and Wales. The inheritance tax nil rate band, the capital gains and pension lifetime allowance remain unchanged until April 2026. Anyone with a total pension value above £1,073,100 may face additional charges. ISA limits remain unchanged. Alcohol Duty on spirits, wine, beer, and cider remains frozen for the 2021/22 financial year, which benefits brewers and (more…)

Paul Uppal on the high street

 Paul Uppal, Forum Non-Executive Director Late Payment & Bad Business Practices Paul Uppal was the Government’s Small Business Commissioner from 2017 to 2019. Paul made giant strides towards ensuring fair payment practices for small businesses and changing the late payment culture in the UK by supporting them in resolving payment disputes with larger firms. We are delighted that he has joined the board of the Forum of Private Business as a Non-Executive Director and will be working with us on developing our late payment campaigns as well as relaunching our “Hall of Shame” and the new web pages that (more…)

Restore the high street – August update

The issues facing the high street were already causing many problems before the impact of COVID-19 and the lockdown. But we now face the deep scars to our retail sector and Britain’s high streets as we come out of the initial lockdown and we are going to have to be even more creative and innovative in terms of finding long term solutions. One will be how high street landlords respond at this time, many businesses will have realized they can work from home and don’t need retail or office space anymore. There will be demand for smaller spaces and in (more…)

Governments Planning after the Pandemic

  Many people wonder if we will go back to normal after the pandemic, it’s a question people are increasingly asking as the lockdown starts to lift, many think things will change perhaps for the better, but one thing is for certain we will all take the threat of a global pandemic and its associated impact on the worlds economy and people a lot more seriously after the events of the last few months. Many of you will have watched the TED talk given by Bill Gates in 2015 talking about the threat of a virus and a pandemic to (more…)