Small Businesses are the backbone of Local Communities

Having just been part of the Knutsford Town Awards, presenting prizes and focusing on the role of small businesses in our local community, I’ve seen just how important they were to these communities not just in Knutsford but all over the UK during the pandemic. Small Businesses went the extra mile to help and support local people and the local community responded in turn by supporting them. The Covid-19 pandemic moved small businesses to the centre of their local communities, local customers supported them and in many cases, they, in turn, helped and supported their local economy. They took innovative (more…)

Do small businesses lack trust in the UK government?

One of the issues facing the government at the moment is the lack of trust in it, which has developed over many years. People just do not trust the government anymore and by association the experts that the government brings forward to advise on specific issues.This is a massive issue which has been developing for a number of years, the reasons are complex and I am not equipped to cover them all myself. But you only have to look at the Covid-19 pandemic to see what I mean. Some people do not trust the government and its advisors to a (more…)

Meeting with Small Business Minister, Paul Scully MP

On Wednesday 26th January, I had the opportunity to sit down with the Small Business Minister, Paul Scully MP and we went through the following agenda.Introduction to the Forum of Private Business and Forum of British PubsThe Forum of Private Business was set up in 1977. The Forum exists to help small businesses with 5-50 employees who have a responsibility to be compliant but do not have their own legal and HR resources. So, we offer practical, proactive support at a reasonable price as a not-for-profit membership organisation. We do not lobby as such but have consulted with government and (more…)

Hybrid working

 I recently attended an HR event and have followed up on their comments on “Hybrid working”. It seems to be something that many of our members are claiming to do, now that people are coming back to work.The issue with Hybrid working is that it doesn’t really have a legal definition and if employers don’t get it right, it could lead to problems going forward.Employees can formally apply for flexible working if they have worked for you for 26 weeks and you have 3 months to deal with any requests.There are options:Homeworking – the employee works 100% of their hours (more…)

A summary of the Spring Budget 2021

Your Personal finances The personal allowance and income tax thresholds for basic and higher-rate taxpayers will rise in April and then be frozen until 2026 – increasing their tax as earnings rise. Income tax rates and thresholds are set in a different way in Scotland and Wales. The inheritance tax nil rate band, the capital gains and pension lifetime allowance remain unchanged until April 2026. Anyone with a total pension value above £1,073,100 may face additional charges. ISA limits remain unchanged. Alcohol Duty on spirits, wine, beer, and cider remains frozen for the 2021/22 financial year, which benefits brewers and (more…)