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Jubilee Sailing Trust – The Lord Nelson Reception

Colin Ward, our Representative for the South West Region tells us about one of his recent networking events.

“The Lord Nelson” training ship, berthed in Southampton was the scene of a fund raising meeting on 15th May when leaders of Southampton’s business community were invited to a reception at the famous sail training ship.

Visitors were entertained by local musicians, and Jane Welsh, the Mayor of Eastleigh visited, with her husband, to make a short speech, explaining to the assembled guests just how the sail training ship helps people, recovering from disabilities, to regain their balance, re-train muscles and get back to normal life after serious illness. The ship facility also helps those with long term chronic illness to maintain a better life despite the effects of their illness.

The ship has been built with the purpose of helping those with a disability regain enough confidence to sail, at sea and in coastal waters, with confidence. 

Representing the city’s business interests, Colin Ward, the West of England Forum of Private Business Consultant was on hand to help any of the visitors who wished to start a business, or talk to him about problems with their existing business.

During a short conversation with the Mayor Colin was able to stress how important the contribution of small business was to the local economy, and asked the Mayor to put the case for local businesses at every opportunity.

The evening ended with a sing-song of sea shanties, followed by a supper and a collection for the Lord Nelson fund, which raised a substantial sum.   


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