Health and Safety advice

The Forum provides health and safety advice for small businesses and produces a professionally written health and safety guide backed up by our telephone help team.

The guide costs £125 (excluding VAT) and contains lots of advice and templates enabling small businesses to carry out and document many of their health and safety compliance duties themselves saving them both time and money.

Our members have used and relied on this guide for over 40 years, it is produced and updated annually keeping you up to date with all your responsibilities and showing you how to make sure your business is compliant and you have someone on the end of a phoneline if you get stuck and need to ask any questions.

Health and Safety advice

Sometimes businesses are asked for their health and safety advisors’ details, usually when they go for certification or a new contract with a larger customer. In this case it is the duty of the business to have their own appointed health and safety advisor and it is required by law. In this instance you will need to appoint your own qualified health and safety advisor for your business and the Forums’ advisors who write our guide, MD Safety Management, can fulfil this role.

The cost is £200 (excluding VAT) a year and as a member of the Forum you will receive a 10% discount if you quote your Forum membership number.