Fact: most businesses want to improve their productivity and performance, but how?

If you are stressed, you don’t perform at your best; add poor physical well-being into the mix and you may be missing out on peak performance – how do you or your team feel in the morning, mentally and physically?  Are you ready for the challenges of the day?

A six-month subscription with Healthy Leaders Academy provides you with the tools you need for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee! Decades of experience distilled into four accessible self-study online courses – covering organisational culture – how to understand your organisation and how to make the best of it; mental health and how to improve your resilience with tools and methods; physical health, how to get healthy without a gym and nutrition, what to eat and why – demystify “diet”.

A healthier work place culture
Healthier, happier workers
Increased engagement & productivity
Better commercial performance

As members of the Forum of Private Business, we have negotiated a reduced rate from £250 to £150 per person for a six-month subscription with Healthy Leaders Academy, which provides you with the tools you need for increased success!

A few words from people already using Healthy Leaders Academy.

“All I can say is that I wish I’d discovered this programme years ago – not just because of the difference it’s made to my own health but because I can see its impact in every aspect of my business. My staff have embraced all the healthy changes we have introduced and it’s reflected back in their increased motivation and productivity. Truly a win-win!”  Andrew Fitzer – Managing Director

“My goals and priorities have definitely shifted. I am now truly working on the Business rather than getting over-involved in the Business.”  Jasmin – Managing Director

“It’s genuinely been a game-changer for me and I feel great and am hugely more productive” Neil Gallant – Managing Director

“I have a better understanding of the value of our company culture and have been able to take steps to improve this”.  Paul Williams – Managing Director 

To find out more and to sign up for the courses please visit the Healthy Leaders Academy page.

Forum members will need to use the following authorisation code to gain access: foIrK7v5

If you have any questions relating to the course or you would like more details before signing up,  please get in touch with Philip Dyer at philip@healthy-leaders.co.uk