ISO 9001

At the Forum of Private Business we place the highest possible value on customer relations, which is why we take such pleasure in announcing that we have received ISO 9001 Certification, an award which highlights our commitment to quality. 

The award of ISO 9001 Certification shows not only that we value structure and organisation, building a company in which everyone works to clearly defined goals, but, more importantly, that every effort is made to improve the member experience. 

Nick Palin, Director of Finance and Administration at the Forum said: "We have been working towards achieving the ISO 9001 quality standard for the last year and there is no doubt that the exercise has enabled us to improve all of our business processes so that we are now delivering an improved level of service more efficiently. 

'Quality standards' 

"There is a perception amongst some business people that quality standards are only for big business, but in reality businesses of any size can benefit substantially from applying quality standards. 

"I would encourage all business owners and managers to give this serious consideration." 

The central principle behind ISO is that companies should get things right every time so that every dealing with the organisation is a pleasurable one. By having procedures in place, we are able to ensure that our products reach the highest standard, information is supplied when we say we will supply it and that queries are dealt with speedily and by the most suitable person. 

But one thing that we won't be doing is resting on our laurels. ISO Certification demands not just that you are efficient when audited, but also that you demonstrate an ongoing commitment to efficiency and improvement. This is why we strive not only to maintain, but also to improve our standards and are assessed every six months. We believe that we offer a good customer experience, but, as with any business, it could be improved and that's why we welcome all constructive feedback. 

For more information on the Forum's ISO Certification, or to chat about the award and how it might be of value to your business, ring our member helpline on 0845 130 1722.