PR Management Connected

Experience tells Journolink that business sales improve as the brand name of a business gets to be known. That’s where PR comes in and where the Journolink can help your business.

Journolink PR Management service gives you the platform to get your brand name in front of the people writing articles, commenting and interviewing.

They connect businesses directly to the journalists and social media commentators so that you can share your news, plus it puts the journalists in contact with businesses when they are looking for spokespeople and comments. It also tells you how and when to promote yourself.

Journolink can help your business by:

  • Putting your business profile on the journalists’ ‘go to’ database.
  • Prompting you through a weekly diary mail on the events and issues that will trigger interest in your sector…. and business awards you can apply for.
  • Giving you a simple to use, prompted template for you to issue your news releases, (or we can write them for you), which is sent to journalists interested in you.
  • Putting any news you release, and your profile, into the database for the journalists to search, and into your own ‘Media Room’, which you can link to your website… AND keeping everything up to date.
  • Helping you manage your PR through tutorials, webinars and through social media.

This service is available to all Forum members. With well over a combined hundred years of experience in business, journalism and PR, the JournoLink team are passionate about small businesses and feel they should have the same access to media and blogging coverage as those bigger companies who pay a fortune for their PR agency.

Have your business receive the PR you may just need to inject further enquiries into your product or service.

PR Partner Hub

The Forum of Private Business helps members get their news into the media. With around 50% of consumers trusting journalists, and just 10% trusting social media comments, PR through the media is arguably the most important marketing channel for every business.

The FPB PR Hub, powered by our partner JournoLink, gives you all the tools you need and up to date prompts of what upcoming stories the journalists will be looking for comments on. For full details:  FPB PR HUB

Tet Kofi, from Journolink, held a PR masterclass for our members, ‘Helping SME’s take control of PR for growth, exposure and brand strength’. 

Listen to some of our member’s views and how they found the event bringing PR to life.

To find out more and to contact Journolink, click the here