Media coverage for your business

Now more than ever, media coverage is a major part of getting the brand name of your business recognised. That’s where PR comes in and where the JournoLink can help your business, easily and affordably.

JournoLink’s PR Management service gives you the platform to get your business in front of the people writing articles, commenting and interviewing.

It both connects your business directly to relevant journalists and broadcasters so that you can share your news and puts journalists in contact with you when they are looking for spokespeople and comments for articles they are writing.

All adding up to the best way to get your brand recognised.

JournoLink can help your business by:

  • Putting your business profile on the journalists’ ‘go to’ database.
  • Prompting you through a live calendar on the events and issues that will trigger interest in your sector…. and business awards you can apply for.
  • Giving you a simple to use, prompted template to help you issue your news releases, with distribution to thousands of journalists. Support is at hand to help you write them if need be.
  • Giving your business the ‘big business’ feel by putting any news you release, and your profile, into your own live ‘Media Room’, for you simply to link to your website. No complicated coding needed.
  • Helping you manage your PR through tutorials, webinars and a real people at the end of a phone.

This service is available to all Forum members. With well over a combined hundred years of experience in business, journalism and PR, the JournoLink team are passionate about small businesses and feel they should have the same access to media coverage as those bigger companies who pay a fortune for their PR agency.

Have your business win the PR you deserve to inject further enquiries into your product or service.

PR Partner Hub

Tet Kofi, from Journolink, held a PR masterclass for our members, ‘Helping SME’s take control of PR for growth, exposure and brand strength’. Listen to some of our member’s views and how they found the event bringing PR to life.

Visit to find out more.

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