P A Ross

Tim Clifford - PA Ross Limited

PA Ross are the experts in bakery products and certainly, experts in getting the products onto retailers’ shelves, be that as a brand or as a retailer's own label.  For PA Ross it is not just about selling that will get the products into the retailers it is also about their experienced team knowledge offering their customers a bespoke buying process from start to finish which secures a profitable relationship.

PA Ross has built fantastic relationships with buying reams across the UK, including a number of food service businesses. A tailored service to suit.

Tim Clifford is the Director of PA Ross and we are pleased to have them on board with Forum membership as one of our many long-standing members.  Tim said "we have been a member of Forum for Private Business for over 15 years now. Why?  Because they are a fantastic resource, professional, knowledgeable and available at the end of a phone line or email".  

He went on to say "The Forum has a broad range of services and skills. We find the HR advice invaluable as employees are a company’s best asset and are one of the largest costs.  Because of the advice we received, we now have fully compliant and up to date employee contracts. Without the advice of the membership team, we would not be abreast of current regulations and legislation. When in business you need to stay safe and legal".  

All businesses have their challenges with employees and every time PA Ross or any of our many members are in contact we will endeavour to give the help they need with practical advice. Just like PA Ross, we are happy to know that our members are all protected with our membership for the unexpected like employee claims which have certainly given PA Ross piece of mind.

"The Forum is a membership and a relationship, a not for profit company that has it members at its heart".