Thinking differently about your employee’s health.

Patient Advocate has partnered with the Forum of Private Business for a number of years to provide staff with the best health and welfare. Patient Advocates services are aimed at covering the many, not the few, though CARE and EXTRA CARE which can be made available to all employees.


CARE – core service

CARE provides access to nurse-led case managers for all your employees and their families. This service can be an extremely cost-effective alternative to private medical insurance.


EXTRA CARE – enhanced service

EXTRA CARE provides a valuable health and wellbeing service for your employees and their families using the wider NHS framework and e-Referral arrangement which includes the cost of private diagnostic services. There is access to a dedicated nurse-led manager for personalised support and advice at any time, therefore, giving your employees the right care, at the right time, in the right place, thus empowering your employees to make informed decisions through better education and understanding of their treatment options. 


With this service, Patient Advocate aims to reduce absence from work, improve your employees understanding of their health issues and help them make informed choices about their treatment and care, both in the short and long term. 


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