Employee sickness absence accounts for 131 million lost working days annually costing up to an estimated £1,800 per absent employee

What is required is a simple, affordable, whole of workforce solution designed to expedite the employees return to work by accelerating their care and treatment through
a combination of private out-patient services and NHS services.

Pro-active management of the employee’s healthcare treatment from day one of the absence through to the return to work is now provided by Patient Advocate ‘Extra Care’

Nurse lead patient management services to speed up the delivery of healthcare treatment for employees using either NHS or private healthcare providers allowing patients to receive care Nationwide in either NHS or private hospitals.

The Product

Patient Advocate’s pioneering, corporate and individual insured, and non-insured solutions are credible and sustainable alternatives to traditional private medical insurance (PMI) and are aimed also at uninsured members. Their innovative approach incorporates the proven model of person-centred managed healthcare for employee populations, providing a dynamic and rapidly expanding solution, to the ever-increasing challenges faced by the UK’s private medical sector and the NHS. In a world where existing benefits models are in need of reform, Patient Advocate offers a unique range of products and services that tackle the issues challenging employers.

  • Two levels of Patient-Centred Management cover provided to Forum members at premium levels currently only seen in the large corporate marketplace and unavailable directly
  • Both Insured and non-insured solutions available
  • Suitable underwriting options available including Medical History Disregarded
  • Care and Patient Management services for all physical and mental health conditions within an NHS environment with treatment either in the NHS or through the E Patient referral Service with eligibility to be treated in a private facility, funded by NHS tariffs
  • Access to all NHS and UK private facilities
  • All conditions covered including long-term
  • Provides a patient-centric service to arrange out-patient diagnostic tests and consultations and subsequent treatment pathways and care settings
  • Monitor the progress and recovery of the employee, patient discharge and organise any required out-patient services
  • Achieve improved healthcare outcomes
  • A dedicated nurse, to be the patient advocate, to support the patient through their treatment journey with care and sensitivity

Whether you are looking for a modern healthcare policy for your presently uninsured employees, or for a more affordable and effective replacement for a private medical insurance or healthcare cash plan policy, the Patient Advocate’s  Employee Care and Employee Extra Care solutions will fit the bill. All staff at FPB are covered

“By joining Patient Advocate you will be ensuring the best possible care for your employees – getting them back to work faster, whilst better-controlling company spend, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity”.

Patient Advocate

About Patient Advocate

Patient Advocate is a market leader in developing and deploying products and services, providing access to blended private and public healthcare providers. Their innovative nurse-led integrated approach expedites treatment and care plans, accelerating recovery, return to health, return to work, and reduces costs.

The services work by utilising options available through private providers and within the NHS and can include consultation and diagnostic insurance, managing medical, mental health and occupational health conditions across the continuum of care, using evidence-based clinically compliant guidelines within a robust care and case management database and outcomes reporting technology system.

Clients include employers with both insured and uninsured employees, medical trusts, private medical insurers, reinsurers and third-party administrators.

Patient Advocate strives to deliver the optimal treatment care pathways for employees, maximising healthcare options, with the aim of reducing cost due to employee absence through ill-health.

Navigating the world of healthcare can be stressful, costly and puts numerous strains on both the employee and employer alike. The solution requires an organisation that is taking the UK lead in making this easier for employees, by ensuring access to consistent, high-quality health care from start to finish, while controlling the costs for employers.

Pro-active management of the employee’s healthcare treatment from day one of the absence through to the return to work is now provided by Patient Advocate via their specialist Nurse lead patient centred care managers.