Are your membership details up to date?

Are your membership details up to date?

Businesses are never static. They expand and contract over time, constantly adapting to the economic climate and it’s inevitable that you’ll experience changes over the course of each business year. To get the best support for you and your business, it’s very important to tell us about any changes.

Any shortcomings in a company’s operations and documentation can cause serious and costly problems further on down the line. Having the right information at the right time and in line with your business’s unique requirements can be literally crucial.

Your Forum membership represents a lifeline for your business so it’s important to make sure the details we have about you are correct.  Please notify us of any changes to your business, particularly adjustments like:

  • Changes to the registered contacts 
  • Number of employees on the payroll
  • Change of business/contact address
  • Change of phone numbers
  • Change of contact email addresses

It’s quick and easy to confirm any changes with us. Simply contact our friendly membership team on 01565 626001 or email: