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The cost of living crisis

Economists, investors and businesses talk of “black swan” events: those unexpected, once in a lifetime crises which are massive in scale, unpredictable in nature, and with their full effect on world affairs usually only apparent after they have happened. The Covid pandemic is a black swan event. Like every other sector, FLA members were significantly affected.With many of their business customers unable to trade due to lockdown restrictions, and consumers facing reduced incomes via furlough, funders quickly offered unprecedented levels of forbearance.Outdated legislation and other headwinds got in the way of doing this efficiently, but they persevered.Smaller, non-bank lenders faced (more…)

New alcohol duty system

The government has published its response to the consultation on the new alcohol duty system, announced at Autumn Budget 2021. It has also published accompanying draft primary legislation, launched a consultation seeking views on this draft and issued a small producers survey.Representing the biggest changes to the alcohol duty system in over 140 years, on 1 August 2023 the government will introduce new alcohol duty rates based on products’ alcoholic content (ABV), whilst freezing alcohol duty rates from 1 February 2023. The new alcohol duty system also includes:an easement for the wine industry for the first 18 months of the (more…)

Employment Guide 2023

Running a business can be incredibly rewarding but there are also many challenges involved. Along with increasing economic pressures for employers there’s also a huge amount of complicated administrative, legal and regulatory information to be understood and implemented. Any shortcomings in a company’s operations may cause serious and costly problems further on down the line. So, having the right information at the right time can be literally crucial to a business’s chance of success. The Forum of Private Business Employment Guide 2023 is a detailed examination of the procedures, policies and practices that every employer needs to put in place.Divided (more…)

Managing redundancy

Expert advice, when you need it the mostRunning a business can be an incredibly rewarding experience but there are also challenges and responsibilities to face. The unprecedented economic pressures currently being placed on businesses are increasingly forcing employers to make hard choices regarding their staff and running costs. Making the decision to let staff go isn’t easy, but if you are considering making redundancies, it’s absolutely vital to make sure this is done in an efficient and legally compliant way. There are a vast amount of administration, laws, and regulations to be understood and implemented. Any mistakes or oversights can (more…)