Forum Members Covid-19

Dear Members, Partners and Stakeholders,

The Forum wants to wish you all the very best in this time of unprecedented change caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our generation has never been faced with a challenge like this and our small and micro business community faces a difficult time ahead.

We put Forum members and staff first, we want to assure you that we will be putting robust plans in place to ensure members continue to receive our practical, proactive, preventative advice and our helplines, stay active. If we need to have staff operating from home the service will still be there to help, but with the higher number of calls and the use of different mobile technology, response times may be a little slower, but rest assured we will deal with all enquiries and ask you to be patient and understanding as we deal with these changes at this difficult time. We will be producing a daily set of FAQ’s which will be updated on a daily basis by our lawyers and should help answer some of the questions raised during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We also rely on our member feedback, so that we can keep the various levels of government well informed of small and micro business issues, blockages and perhaps opportunities, so that they can act on them quickly, which may help the situation for the UK’s most important business sector.

One piece of advice we would give to all businesses is to be kind and think of others at this time, we are a business community and this is a time when best practice, kindness and tolerance can really make a difference and set an example for others, so please do share your experiences with us, particularly the good business stories, so that we can share them.

The Forum will do its part to provide the best possible advice and service to all our business members but taking note of our own advice to be kind, decent and think of others, we would like to extend our help to all of the UK’s small and micro business community at this difficult time, so if you are not a member but would like to receive our business updates and have questions to ask, please give us a call and register, we will be happy to help you at this difficult time.