Forum of Private Business hall of shame The Forum of Private Business has been the watchdog for bad business practices for over a decade. In that time, we have shared some of the UK’s biggest names for poor payment practices, resulting in extensive media coverage and some businesses reconsidering changing the way they do business.

The Forum believes that there needs to be a balance between the need to attract bigger companies to the UK, ensuring we have the best environment for business and protecting the interests of the UK’s hard working independent small business people. Improving performance 

All small businesses ask is to compete on a level playing field, but in some cases, this is not happening. A change will only occur if we continue to ensure such poor business practices are questioned and do not go unnoticed.

Change is a key motivator behind the Forum of Private Business, Hall of Shame. We have worked closely with all the companies that make our list with a specific aim of reviewing their business processes, discussing and eventually removing them, once improved practices have been shown.  This is usually with continued pressure from the Forum, elected representatives, the media and most importantly the business in question own customers. Companies that are displayed within the Hall of Shame do respond, which does lead to the businesses being removed from the Hall of Shame and given the opportunity to move to our Good Business Practices which is ethical and compliant.

The Forum are continuously working with a number of government bodies as well as progressive trade associations to highlight good payment practices.

Do you know of any companies who deserve to be congratulated on their good business practices, if you do let us know at

We will continue to focus on bad business practices and also focus on continued improvement on business performance and productivity, as well as make it simpler and fairer to do business in the UK.

Do not suffer bad business practices in silence and we can only stamp out unethical business behaviour if we don't allow it to go unnoticed.  Historically, ethics and profitability have been treated as being mutually exclusive. But we live in an era now that "businesses can operate in an ethical manner and still be a thriving profitable business"

To influence change you can join our Get Britain Trading Campaign and adopt the good business ethics making a positive difference to business and to give our small business owners a level playing field to do great business.

To enter a company into the Hall of Shame you can email us and include all relevant back ground information and additional information you may have. We will retain your anonymity at all times and all information passed to the Forum will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will never share your details with a 3rd party.