Meeting Update – Ian attends Micro Biz Matters Day

Event: Micro Biz Matters Day
Date: 10/01/20 Venue: EKM Preston
Issue/campaign: Late Payment and issues facing micro businesses
Attendees: Tony Robinson, Small Business commissioner’s office, about 80-100 attendees



The day was made up of a variety of presentations and by a variety of speakers and a number of networking opportunities. I took a number of our guides from 2018 and 2019 as giveaways for attendees and as an encouragement for them to consider joining the Forum.

Tony and I recorded a video that has now been released on his website and can be seen here, this can be seen by small business owners, our members and attendees from the day.

I will attach the Micro Biz matters day welcome pack to this containing the full details of the day.


Tony and I discussed late payment and we decided to try and secure a Private Member’s Bill for #PayIn30Days.  We will campaign and lobby through the Policy Mogul platform.

We have informed all the small business membership organisations of this decision and expect their support. I will take a lead in trying to get all the small business membership organisations to show a united front on this issue.