Journolink’s top PR tips for businesses

‘Increase revenue and reduce costs’.


Familiar cry? Here’s three top tips from PR experts, Journolink, and some actual help.

It’s not just consumers that are feeling the pinch. In business it’s just as tough. Power prices, the impacts of the Ukraine War and Brexit, and the aftermath of Covid are all combining to make this the most challenging time in business that any of us can remember.

So here are three top tips from our PR partner JournoLink on how to use PR to help you grow sales without increasing staff costs.

  • Boost the size of your business in the eyes of the consumer. People favour brands that they recognise. Make sure that your website is active and embed a Media Room that shares with viewers your latest news and press releases. That will put you on a par with bigger established brands.
  • Build trust into your brand through coverage in the media. Only 1 in 10 of us trusts social media comment. Over 40% of us trust print media, and even more trust broadcast.
  • Reviews and Recommendations. Over 90% of consumers now buy based on reviews and recommendations. Businesses winning them are at a serious market advantage. The best source is trusted journalists. Make the most of posting press releases and responding to journalists’ requests for comments.

Through the FPB’s special partnership with JournoLink, help is at hand for you to boost your PR easily and very affordably.

And to mark the launch of JournoLink’s upgraded platform there’s a further bit of help in managing the costs challenge…..a 25% deduction off all JournoLink plans until 7 September.