Event: ACRA Conference
Date: 15/01/20 Venue: Hilton Doubletree , 92 Southampton row
Issue/campaign: ACRA members, compliance issues
Attendees: ACRA members, Company registration agents, Helen Noonan HMRC, Louise Smyth Register of companies, Steven Webster BEIS

1.      Money Laundering and compliance issues for ACRA and company registration agents

2.      BEIS head of transparency new regulations for 2021

3.      Company house Updates

4.      ACRA partnerships

5.      General updates


My speech looked at the changes we have made to forum membership, what the key differences are:-

Proactive, Practical, Prevention, Risk Dashboard, Risk Healthcheck, Insurance, Guides, Website, Grace, Helplines and Reporting

We discussed the money laundering and compliance burden for company registration agents and the complex and heavy burden for them compared to companies house, providing an unfair business situation and an unfair playing field.