MEETING UPDATE – HSE exploring Business to business health and safety blue tape

Event: HSE exploring Business to business health and safety blue tape
Date: 15th January 2020 Venue: Charlotte Room, 25 Savile Row W1S 2ER;
Issue/campaign: Health and Safety Issues, compliance Costs

  1. What do we all need to do better/differently to ensure that businesses get tailored and proportionate advice?
  2. What are the key messages that we can cascade to SMEs (or those that influence them) to help them navigate blue tape? How do we do this most effectively?
  3. What opportunities are there for SME’s voices/needs to be heard in the design of 3rd party rules e.g. standards, accreditation schemes, 3rd party guidance etc….
  4. What opportunities are there for evaluating the impact of third-party obligations post-implementation?
  5. How do we all make sure that future research (by both government and business) on health and safety burdens/activity continues to identify, reflect and unpick accurately the multiple drivers in the health and safety system?
Action:  We looked at ways of clearly separating the true legal compliance required by a small business and how we can clearly communicate that without the additional requirements of Insurance companies and the requirements of various Health and Safety consultants.

The actions were taken away by the HSE and they will feedback their actions that they plan to take as well as the next meeting date.