Forum Jargon buster A

Accounting period

A range of time in which accounting functions are performed, aggregated and analysed.

Accounting Records

Documentation and books used in the preperation of financial statements. They include records of assets, liabilities, monetary transactions, ledgers, journals, checks and invoices.

Accounting Reference date (or ARD)

The end of a limited company or limited liability company's financial year.

Agency Worker

An agency worker provides work or services to a company but is contracted and paid by an agency, rather than the company.

Allotment of Shares

Creation and Issue of shares to share holders or third parties from the company

Articles of Association

The internal rules that set out how the company is run and are binding on the company and all of its shareholders (or members)


Resources or things of value that can be converted in to cash. Assets are owned by individuals and businesses


Someone who examines financial records and ensures businesses are run efficiently. They follow cash flow from beginning to end, ensuring all funds are accounted for properly


A work place pension arranged by your employer. Employees are automatically entered in to the scheme unless they decide opt out. To be eligible for the scheme employees must be between 22 and 74 and earn over £10,000 per year


People are absent from work for 3 main reasons - they are sick, they are unable to come to work because of personal responsibilities or they are on authorised leave such as holiday

Adoption leave and pay

Qualifying employees who have been matched with a child for adoption may take up to 52 weeks adoption leave and may also be entitled to 39 weeks of statutory adoption pay. If you are a couple adopting a child one may take adoption leave and the other parent may be able to take paternity leave or shared parental leave

Age Audit Tool

This is a survey tool to help assess employee attitudes towards age in your business


People are absent from work for 3 main reasons - they are sick, they are unable to come to work because of personal responsibilities or they are on authorised leave such as holiday.


Additional Adoption Leave.


Additional Statutory Paternity Pay.


Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service.


Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Aditional Maternity Leave.


Additional Paternity Leave.

Age Discrimination

When a person is treated differently or stereotyped because of their age.

Agency Workers

Individuals that are supplied by an employment business to a client, who then work under the client's direction and supervision.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

To ensure the health and safety of all employees and visitors, by having rules set in place in regards of the possession and use of alcohol and drugs, in the work environment.

Annual Leave

The set amount of days or hours that employees are permitted to be away from their work placement, without any consequences.

Antenatal Appointments

An appointment for where pregnant employees are entitled to paid time off including travel time, to check up on the health of the unborn child and mother.

Anxiety in the Workplace

When an individual has a feeling of being nervous, worried or at unease within in their workplace. This can be caused by various reasons such as meeting with deadlines, maintaining professional and personal relationships, the management of a team, dealing with problems, creating presentations and presenting them.


When an employee’s line manager has been examining them to give positive feedback on their qualities and success and help with any needs they may need.


An individual who is learning a trade from skilled employees, whilst working for a reduced wage to substitute the cost of their education fee.


Arbitration is a way to resolve disputes outside the area of the courts in a non-judicial view.