Jargon G

General Partnership

A general partnership is an arrangement by which partners conducting a business jointly have unlimited liability, which means their personal assets are liable to the partnership's obligations.

General meeting

Meetings of the shareholders.


A grievance is a concern or complaint raised by an employee. Grievances can stem from a range of problems, for example, a breakdown in relationships, complaints concerning the working environment, discrimination.

Gender pay gap

A gender pay gap is an average difference between a mans and a woman's wages/salary.

Gender Reassignment Discrimination

The EA made an important change to the definition of gender reassignment in that there is no longer a requirement for there to be medical supervision and it is difficult for the person to be proposing to undergo a process of gender reassignment for them to be covered by the act.


Stands for General Data Protection Regulation is a legal guideline for when personal information of individuals within the European Union.