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Trading disclosures

The Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/17) set out how you must disclose the company name and other registration details, at the registered office, on company communications etc.

Tax Year

6 April to 5 April.

Trading Disclosures

You are required to display certain information about your company at your premises and on correspondence.

Types of employee

Different kinds of employees such as level status


A legal saying where a person has a position of trust who can take decisions

Taxation (Tax)

A legal compulsory contribute taken by the government from workers income and a businesses profit and given to the state revenue

Tax Self-Assessment

A system that collects Income tax used by HM Revenue and customs


A person who lives or works in a property that is owned by a landlord


A case that is taken to court to settle a dispute


A word or symbol that is registered legally to a person, company or item.

Trade Name

A name that is owned by a certain person or business trade

Tenants in Common

Tenants that have an agreed set of a share between one another. See Tenant

Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE)

A rule that apples to organisations to help protect employee's rights when they transfer to a new employer